Ali Beigi

Ali is the president, Architect, and the head of Interior design team in our company. His father was the first to find a furniture manufacturer in Iran. He has started working and using his hands creating and crafting since he was just a kid. He has studied architecture in London. With his more than 35 years’ experience in furniture industry, and running furniture businesses in Middle East, Europe and North American markets, Ali is the most reliable and most desirable to design your new home. Ali has an experience designing magnificent Presidential offices, luxurious Royal family houses, and many more through his career.

To directly contact Ali, Email him at:

Mo Beigi

Mohammad is the Director of our company, born and raised in a family with over 80 years history in furniture business. He has started working in young ages in the family business and gained valuable experiences working in furniture manufacturing and stores. He then studied International Business in Canada and decided to expand business Internationally.

To directly contact Mo, Email him at: