About Us

REMOBILI is a Vancouver based, home staging, furniture rental, and furniture distribution company. Our name is a symbol of luxury and elegance and our  passion is to work hard to bring the spirit of Italian style into your home or store.

REMOBILI is in associate with NAMA CASA  which has founded in 2005 and it has been a continuous innovative force and has infused each era with a new art of living in interiors and imports. Thus, over time this prestigious company has revolutionized styles, techniques and method for better living and enjoying Italian art in Middle East and Europe; and it is time for Canadians to experience it all.

A player in, and privileged witness to the evolution of Italian taste, customs and traditions, REMOBILI has always seen its name associated with major creative trends and companies in Italy. Today is the time for us to bring you differences and makes your dreams come true.

Our design team in Vancouver and Milan with over 35 years experience in this art field and industry is ready to serve you, in order to sell easier and faster.

Please Contact us to find out more of our story and how we can serve you.

REMOBILI | The Spirit of Style.